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Cihan University- Cihan Cultural Centre

  • Cihan Cultural Centre contains many cultural and artistic departments
  • The Centre is open all year round (From Sunday to Thursday- from 09:00 A.M. to 07:00 P.M) and from 09:00 A.M. to 03:00 P.M. during Summer.
  • The Centre has many experienced Iraqi and foreigner professors.
  • The Centre receives applicants from inside and outside Cihan University.


Sections of the Centre

  1. Fine Art section:

The teaching staff of this department is very experienced and professional and of many foreign nationalities.

The department teaches the following:

  • All kinds of Drawing (Oily, Watery, Woody, Pencil)

-Graphic that is used for artistic printing.

-Sculpture Art.

  1. Music Section

– This section has many professional and experienced teachers.

-This section includes teaching the following:

  • Piano
  • Guitar
  • Oud
  • Buzuk
  • Flute
  1. Art Gallery

-The Art Gallery is used to organize art exhibitions for students, teachers, and those who have artistic talents.

– It is also used to show artistic productions of students, and teachers, and those who have artistic talents.

  1. Market of the Centre

The Market is concerned to sell all the artistic productions produced by the centre and the artistic productions of the participants.

  1. The Free Wall

It is a black board surrounds the cultural centre where Cihan University students and the other participants can express their views and thoughts through writing with coloured crayons on this wall.

Everyone can share his/her daily activities and writings on the Cultural Centre Facebook page

(free wall-cihan university)

Cihan Academy-Cihan University

  1. Cihan Academy organizes many training courses continuously along the year.
  2. The Academy has an indoor hall of 20-25 students, and outdoor hall for 25 students.

Training Courses include:

  • Teaching languages (English-Kurdish-Arabic)

For all ages.

  • Teaching Computer programs which includes:
  1. Design

-2D (photoshop-illustrator- Coral Draw-AutoCAD)

-3D (3dmax-Vray- refit architecture-sketch up)

  1. Montage (Adobe Premiere-Adobe After-effect).
  2. Microsoft office (Word-Excel-PowerPoint).
  3. Human Development and self development.
  4. Training courses for 12thgrade students.
  5. Travel and Tourism courses.
  6. Accounting and Business Administration courses.
  7. Photography, video and image, video processing courses.
  8. TV production courses.
  9. Preparation of broadcasters and correspondent courses.