Wednesday , June 19 2019

First Kurdish Horror Short Movie

Show First Kurdish Horror Short Movie in Cihan University-VIP Hall. The movie is directed by RebazRawanduzy and produced by Cihan Cinema-Cihan Cultural Center… CAST: Actors:(Melinda bond-Manaksha-Van Ari- Aram Ismail-Zahra Ali) Lighting by:Aso Ismail-YehyaAhmady Camera&Edited by:Rebaz Salih SfxMakeup: Melinda bond Fx Sound:Bestun Ahmed Record Studio:Aster Tv Photographer:Twana Obid Manager&Director Assistant:ShwanBlaiy Poster Graphic Designer:Bnar Hamed Story&Directed by:RebazRawanduzy Production by:Cihan Cinema-Cihan Cultural Center-Cihan University.

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